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Thread: My K40

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    My K40

    Power Supply.jpg20181225_154604.jpgBed.jpgMirror Mount.jpgLike most, I got started with a K40 from ebay. It arrived broken, the gantry was loose, one of the pulleys had come loose and the belts were off. So the very first thing I did was rebuild the gantry. Great intro to the K40. While I had it out, I cut back the exhaust vent and threw away the table. I started with a plywood frame with some perforated steel on it, but have since made the big upgrade to a plywood frame with some aluminum honeycomb on it. This seemed like a great idea but it rendered all of my magnets useless. I've since bought a bunch of wheel balancing weights. I put a new C3D controller in it before I ever turned it on, and started with Lightburn from day one. Never loaded the cd it came with. Next was a big external 24vdc power supply, then I replaced the mirrors and the lens, added air assist and replaced the mirror mounts with some better ones I had from an old project. Then the stock power supply died. I was cutting some think plex and just ran it too long. So I added a cloudray 50 watt supply and a new 800mm tube while I was at it. Well, I ended up overdriving the tube, (20ma) and it died in about 6 months, so I went up to a 1000mm "60" watt tube, but don't take it over 17ma. I love the new tube, cuts great!

    Share your "first laser" experiences or K40 woes.
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